From today I will stop using this blog. I am NOT deleting it, but I won’t be using it anymore. If you’re still interested in following me, I am active on my other blog, a-rt-poem, and I will make a new one as soon as I can.


friend who lives hundreds of miles away: i made food
me: can i have some
New blog?

Hello my fellow followers
I am thinking of starting a new blog or changing the name and the pictures that I reblog in general on this blog. I don’t want to be into these kinds of depressing suicide and self harm pictures anymore, caused that I don’t self harm anymore and I’m not like that kind of sad, I like my life and my friends, and even though things are a little hard, I don’t feel the urge to cut myself.
If I decide to continue on this blog, I will still reblog black/white pictures, but there will be no pictures about mental illness and things like that. Instead it will be a horror/dark blog and just black/white pictures in general.
I will keep you updated and I hope that one day you will all put those razors down and realize that life can be great sometimes. Please don’t give up.
I will keep you updated.


music is such a beautiful thing like i could attentively listen to my favourite songs and stare at a wall for hours and not be bored

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i wonder if anyone else in the world has the same password as me

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